When someone first begins martial arts training they may join because of a frightening incident or they just want to try a new way of getting fitter and stronger, maybe its something that’s on their bucket list of things to do, lets deal with these reasons individually.

  1. A scary incident. So you’re out and about getting on your daily life, maybe just walking down the street, shopping, driving your car, on a night out, it could be any of these ! Suddenly someone is shouting, swearing at you, threatening you ! This sort of thing is disturbing to anyone and usually flares up quickly and seemingly from nowhere, at first you can’t compute what is happening and whilst you are in this vulnerable state that is the most likely time that you’ll get hit, your brain is confused and thinking how did this happen, what have I done etc. Martial arts training will help you to react, through regular training and drilling your hands will come up to block the attack or lessen the effect of the attack ! You will also find you will instinctively counter attack, be it a strike a kick or a grappling control technique
  2. So you like so many others have bought a gym membership you’ve wandered around the weights area not really knowing how to weight train some bloke starts trying to give you advice when apart from anything else he’s just another member with no weight training qualification and always seems to want to tell you his one rep max on bench, squat deadlift etc. So you wander to the cardio area get on a bike, treadmill, crosstrainer and start clock watching, you’ve promised yourself to do 3hrs a week in the gym, but they seem like very long hours ! Our classes are interesting you’ll learn skills how to punch, how to kick how to grapple, you’ll meet new people, nice new people, people you would never expect to have in a ‘Fight Gym’ Your time in the gym will pass very quickly and you’ll find yourself wanting to do more !
  3. I’ve always wanted to get a blackbelt, well it will probably take you 6-10yrs of regular challenging training, that is the reality !Okay you’ve got a mate who got one in 18mths-2 years, well he probably attended a McDojo and bought it not earned it a meaningless piece of cloth and a piece of paper that no proper gym will recognise ! Fact !